Apply Online Now

To apply online, Click here to download Application Form PDF, once filled out email a copy to our lettings agents

Apply in the branch

  • To apply for a property you will firstly need to complete an application form. A member of the lettings team will then go over the form with you in an interview.

How long does the application process take?

It’s possible to get same day housing Subject to Conditions

You will need to be;

  • Able to provide proof of ID- Passport/ Drivers License/ Full Birth Certificate
  • Able to pay rent in advance plus
  • In full-time work and are able to provide proof of income for the last 3 months- Wage Slips/ Bank Statement

If we cannot house you the same day you come in we aim to house you as quickly as possible. We send off references as a matter of urgency and as soon as they come back we will update your application. If we can offer you accommodation the offer is usually made within 1 week of your initial application.

How much will it cost?

To move into a property you will need to be able to pay 1 months rent in advance;

If you would like to complete an application for housing please complete the form by downloading the link at the top and emailing it back to us. Alternatively you can come and see us to discuss your options at our office.

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